When it comes to working with existing furniture, you need to take down the measurements to ensure it fits with the dimensions of the new space.”

While proposing the style of this condominium unit, the designers from D’ Initial Concept had to work with the homeowners’ existing furniture. The married couple living here has also amassed a treasure trove of art pieces from their travels. To incorporate all these without cluttering the look, the designers deftly matched the elaborate details of the furnishings within a clean-cut modern landscape.

East meets West in this carefully curated living area. Not only did Manager Ashley Loh from D’ Initial Concept forge a balanced design scheme with the homeowners’ existing furnishings, she also ensured that nothing looks out of place here. It helps that the space has a double volume ceiling and a pristine white colour scheme was applied to serve as neutral ground. This allows the furniture to take prominence without overwhelming the final look.