We understand how exciting it is, and how overwhelming it can get, to realise your dream home – leave the time-consuming tasks in our hands, and we’ll provide you that unique style that meets your needs, and with a personal touch.

Pea Chong is one of those people whose passion for design transcends said passion. She shifted gears from the career track which she had studied for, and joined an interior design firm to learn about her chosen craft on the job. In 2010 she felt amply equipped to start her own firm and make people’s dream homes come to life. Working from home with a fellow designer, D’ Initial Concept began taking on commissions.

“Our name, ‘D’ Initial Concept’, stands for the initial stage of starting or getting a home. That’s when the homeowner’s excitement is so palpable, and when the designer’s ideas are just bubbling over each other,” Pea says. It’s this shared excitement between designer and client that keeps her and her growing team of young designers motivated and service-oriented. “My favourite part of the job is getting to know a new client because it’s also a time when I learn something new,” she adds.