The best design is one that caters to the individual’s needs.

According to Pea Chong, creative director at D’ Initial Concept, the interior design scene in Singapore is in a constant state of flux. One of the biggest changes is the

fact that “clients and homeowners are more educated on their needs and tastes”. To provide the best service for their clients, D’ Initial Concept continues to focus on fostering clear communication while adapting its approach to work in tandem with its clients.

“When clients know exactly what they want, our role is to provide advice on the material choices that are suitable for their design,” Pea explains. Along the way, the designers in D’ Initial Concept are more than capable of offering fresh ideas and alternative designs. This emphasis on communication between designer and client means that each completed project is uniquely tailored to the needs and preferences of the client.

Maintaining good relationships and ensuring client satisfaction are clearly two of the main motivating factors that drive Pea and the designers at D’ Initial Concept to do their best for each project that they take on. A selfconfessed people person, Pea enjoys meeting and talking to different people. “The best part of my job is interacting with different clients,” she says, “and it’s only when we know them well that we can come up with a design that caters to their needs.”